The spine punched me in the face once

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No but what I love most about rabbits new look with the hair is that little side piece like she just nailed it the fuck to her head and that’s so hardcore she is not a bot I would fuck with

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rabbit oh my god

her expressions jfc

Holy bagels shes turning into gg

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“Killed 99 bears”

a fact that if actually accomplished, should be put on a tombstone.

My favorite part is “We hope he has gone to rest.” What, like… they weren’t sure? Maybe, if ever the bear uprising should start again, he would rise from the ground to finish what he started and slay that 100th bear?

Was this man so powerful they are concerned he might not have decided to rest at all and is simply biding his time?

The bears made that tombstone.

A warning, and a prayer.

That he really, truely stays down.

This is too badass not to reblog.

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The bear clerics used every ounce of ursine divine magic they had, and they still aren’t sure it was enough.
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If I was in charge of naming things sprinkles would be called edifetti
Edifetti! its a party in yo mouthhh

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My favorite people are robots because they aren’t people.

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The Spine on Flickr.


Every letter stands for a word. If you can figure it out, you need to get out of my brain.

Here you go, danregal.  I decoded it.

"Turn Back the Not Binary, Incandescent Clock.  My Head Doesn’t Always Feel Too Pretty in Neon Pink"

I wish this was 3d

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Trekkiebeth posted a pic of when they did wired wrong and it reminded me of a thing
the next day I got to talk to David for a minute and I asked if that was the first time they did it and he said yeah and something like they didn’t know if it’d work without a whole band backing them and how in the CD version it gets bigger near the end and I was like well by the end the whole audience is singing along and no one would ever notice and I didn’t even notice and its probably my favorite song on the whole CD
And he made the cutest little face like o-oh ??? ? ?/? ?/
Like he didn’t know that’s a thing that would happen or didn’t know what to say or something idk but it was adorable
And then he started talking to other people

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I like your art.

thank you :D

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Favorite David Bennett Vine Moments
David Michael Bennett
168 plays


i made this one before i made the sam favorite vine moments but i wanted to post that one first because a cutie asked for it

but david is just what i’ve been laughing for a good ten minutes

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Steam Powered Giraffe at Anime Midwest 2014
Full set on Flickr (42 photos) | photos by trekkiebeth

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gracefulwitch reblogged your post HEY GUYSI AM DOING COMMISSIONS FOR TH… and added:

Signal boosting this for an awesome artist but too scared too ask for a commission myself. x.x

nonono donut be skerd i am a loser dorkface i’ll draw u anything silly or serious but my style is kinda gothy and i’m kinda horrible at doing anything “cuwuwute uwu” but i’d try if you wanted i’d just want to please you

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Wired Wrong | photo by trekkiebeth

this was so freaking amazing
rabbit and hatchworth back to back and everyone was all WAIT WAHT
then it started and me and the guys i was hanging with just stared at each other like O_O NOWAYYYY
and then we kinda just stared at the stage’s general direction for the duration of the song completely dumbstruck
it was like watching a unicorn being born, essentially.

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aliceandnyx replied to your post: HEY GUYSI AM DOING COMMISSIONS FOR TH…

I totally would if I had any money. Your art is fucking fantastic and I would looooove having an OC drawn in your style. Maybe next week?

sure you can always hit me up (:

i’d love to draw you a thing

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thank you everyone for boosting my commission post

i’ve never done this before

i usually just draw stuff for people for free and don’t know how to ask for money and feel awkward cuz idk how much it’s really worth like who cares it’s a rightclick save idk

but you all make me feel so worthy or something

makes me feel all warm inside

i’m sorry this is cheesy i just feel like a snake eating its own tail half the time

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