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quorgi replied to your post: oh sprocket and conbastard blocked me …

have you considered watching videos of otters.

im currently watching a bunny play card games but otters was a close second


i need to sleep

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oh sprocket and conbastard blocked me today so achievement unlocked i suppose yay

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Hey I just read you're response to conbastard (well done btw, that was beautiful) and I was wondering if you have another blog to do with psychology? I would be really interested to learn more about it and you seem to know quite a lot! If you haven't are there any books you would recommend?

my fav books are encyclopedias of abhorrent psychology and pathies and disorders. i don’t know their exact names but i like things that are written without a biased curve. and i like books that kinda just gloss over things chapter to chapter. and i also like stuff like criminal autobiographies. i’m not a professional by any means i’m just thirsty for all the useless knowledge. this is why i don’t like story books very much. i like factual nonsense. and then what do i do with that knowledge? absolutely nothing. i am boring like that. i mean i originally got into it as a survival strategy but then it became second nature. i thought it was a thing everyone was keen to but life has taught me i’m a weirdo for having interests like this.
-people are fucked up and i want to know why.
-…iunno. something to do with self preservation i suppose.

i don’t even know if i believe in it or not but i know there are many people who do believe in it and that’s all that matters in the end. existence thru validation. i also wanted to be a criminal psychologist once upon a time before life crushed me. that won’t be happening anytime soon tho.

if i can think of or remember any specific good ones i’ll post about it. right now all my books are still in boxes from moving and i don’t even have a bookshelf yet.

my other favorite pass time is graphology. completely useless and inadmissible in court but i still love it. been a while since i’ve brushed up on it though and i only remember what a few quirks mean. but that’s neither here nor there.

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So, if you follow Lockbot, go ahead and unfollow me. This person is charismatic and charming the way a sociopath is and if that doesn’t raise any red flags with you then you should get a CT scan. Go ahead and cry from the rooftops “But RPing! It’s all character and fantasy!”. While the RP appeal completely eludes me, I understand that it can be fun in the correct setting. I mean what are you doing in most any videogame ever? Even FPS’s have RPG qualities to them. 

But choosing to RP some creepy tooth collecting?(at least recently) amoral robot is very disturbing, especially when most of the interactions seem to be with pretty, young, naive girls. 

This person is riding Bunny’s coattails and feeding off of the already alarming amount of sycophantic kids that hang on her every breath.  It’s not harmless role playing, it’s unsettling and warrants real concern.

first of all. no. do you even know anything about sociopathy besides what you glean from tv. do you know how to read into a person or analyze them at all. you’re sitting there throwing around words calling everyone a sycophant like it’s a word you just picked up yesterday. and it’s not even the correct word you should be using. but hey it sounds pretty pretentiously precocious enough to throw in this pseudo witty piss parade. 

i have personally dealt with psychopaths and sociopaths. i have studied psychology extensively. i’ve studied criminal psychology in my free time for 14 years. i have every criminal psychology book i can find. along with every book that tells how to read people based on little cues. i know 100 ways to analyze a person and i can do it so well i can seem nearly precognitive. i’m not fun at parties but you can’t read only into a person it takes reading into their reflection and bounce light and shadow before making the judgment calls you’re making.

i could delve into it all for an hour but you won’t read it. this wasn’t a call for a discussion this was just a soapbox announcement. your mind’s made up. don’t bother trying to get to know a person just call them a pedo rapist cuz that’s fair and all. 

but if you ask me, how quick you are to jump that gun is what warrants my concern. 

and no i’m not a role player or video gamer which is why i’ve had little personal interaction with lock, but i do respect him. at first i was like who the fuck is this guy and then i looked at his blog for a deep minute. and he is not a snake in the grass. he doesn’t have a greasy charisma. a sociopathically charismatic person would not so blatantly have a “fuck the world i hate everything” personality. because that edges on psycopathy. you should at least get your pathologies straight. he may not be a backward bending people pleaser. as made blatantly clear. but he cares deeply about the people he actually likes but only with their entire knowledge and consent. it’s touching actually. from my perspective. it’s a quirky personality trait probably from an interesting upbringing i could only guess.

and he doesn’t ride bunny’s tails. for one, bunny wouldn’t allow that. she takes no shit and is smart enough to smell that a mile off. if anything she flaunts their friendship more than lock does. so saying he’s preying on her is insulting to her intelligence to say the least. especially in a public tantrum like this. you’re saying you know better than everyone and insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with you. like you’re trying to bully them into submission and take your side in this imaginary cockfight. you’re also basically calling half the fandom lemmings. which for one is insulting to the people you’re trying to preach to and is also something lock has also called out before so hey you got something in common at least.

but yeah no. you probably didn’t actually look into him at all. you probably didn’t see that he’s quick to catch who’s trying to use him and that he’s only after harmless fun. it’s like you read 50 shades of gray and are projecting things you feel fit. and you are so wrong.

and it’s actually pretty gross and insulting that you would just throw those labels on someone like that especially with no evidence or experience. nothing he exudes is anything but subjective. he’s not dominating. he’s not super full of himself. and yeah a lot of it is roleplaying but there are personal posts in that blog too which speaks of his personal character. and i saw nothing i wouldn’t expect to find from someone who would choose to play a mr baddy in a roleplay world. which is: he’s actually kind of a softy sweetheart. in my opinion. underneath the layers of lulz and apathy. he’s someone who would fight for someone else before he’d fight for himself. and you don’t have to think the same way but you also don’t have to be a simple minded douche wagon just because you don’t like a person you know nothing about. either try to get to know them or go away or you’ll only serve to make yourself look bad. 

and it’s funny what you say about the pretty naive girls thing because the tumblr demographic of spg fans who are also into roleplaying is like 15-20 year olds. like have you opened your eyes recently. also you’re belittling girls who play with him for being pretty. that’s a red flag in your personality i’m afraid. and really the only thing it takes to be his bot buddy along with a good roleplaying persona is the guts enough to treat him with respect and like an equal without sucking his ass or busting his balls.

but you’re going off half cocked ready to fight something that doesn’t even exist. and you don’t even take into consideration the peoples opinions who speak good of him because obviously they are so biased and brainwashed cuz they’re oh so dumb and female. they can’t possibly know what they’re saying. 

and it’s funny how you think they can’t fend for themselves because stranger danger on the internet and they’re just obviously so fucking dumb and female however will they prevent him from showing up in their house and stealing their grandmother’s clothes before eating them alive.

so all in all i think this boils down to you seem to a have a knight in shining armor complex and it needs checked hard. there are no damsels in distress here. there are no big bad wolves. turn your head and move along. 

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What’s buzzin’, cousin??!

Oh my sparks and garters, it has been a LONG TIME!! But I just got my hair done, and I must say I am IN LOVE with my new look! No more chrome-dome here, no sir! And darlin, if my new ‘do isn’t enough to drive you doll dizzy, why I don’t know what will.

(this picture has actually been sitting around pretty much finished for a while, but being I’ve been wanting to give my girl here some hair- so I can let mine grow back out- I figured no time like the present to update her look and finally post this one)

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good morning have a picture i drew of myself.

Now you know what I look like
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line art from page 17 of the SPG Coloring Book [x]
courtesy of DigitalSunlight

back when i was going thru usernames like tissues lol
THIS IS SO GOOD i can’t believe u went and colored all the faces too like dang i love so much :D

and i like that you added the bolt i drew this about when i love it came out or i would have done that and more girly faces

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people that can swim underwater in chlorine pools with their eyes open are not to be trusted

I thought everyone could do this

it’s better than lake water

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my mom says hey


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This. Is. Hilarious.

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Alysia Michelle James Fire Dancing
Photo by Phil Holland


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I think my brain pooped a fanbot idea on me
A pyromaniac robot chick
Fire dancer
Fire maker
Also the name of one of my favorite type o negative songs lol.
I almost went with flicker for the name but my friend said it sounds like a horse’s name lol
I might tinker with this idea for a while. Ive come up with a million other ideas but I’m too fail to do anything and I have no makeup. And idk how to story or any of that so I will be just a random fanbot from out of nowhere that vaguely resembles flame princess lol

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today i give you another failed attempt at a landscape thing

have a pretty little dead forest and a deer girl

ever wonder what blue matter does to the environment 

I can’t believe this is still getting notes. And I’m pretty sure it even left the fandom. Whattt.
It’s also grown on me a bit. I made it my phones bg lol

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