my fav part of labyrinth minus all the ludo parts

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maybe she has a warm personality…. she’s like has a sweet side but if you get her mad, she has a firey temper and stuff. She might hate getting mad at people but she can’t really help it…

i was thinking about that but i don’t want to seem split personality-ish or rash. 

i was joking around with my bb who’s rp’d a little a long time ago and it was like sex: fire, orientation: fire, class: fire, hometown: fire, planet: fire, clothes: fire, strength: fire, weakness: sodium bicarbonate, personality: SUPER CHILL XD

i am all teh lolz 

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Come watch David and Bunny play Destiny on Twitch!

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theplumedpilot replied to your post: rp is a very hard thing to wrap your h…

rping is like writing a story from a 1rst limited view of a particular character. I dunno if you write stories but for me, as an author that’s how I look at rping.

lol the only thing ive ever written is shitty gothy depressive cathartic poetry but thank you i’ll take all the help i can get <3

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rp is a very hard thing to wrap your head around when you’ve literally only played solitaire and one player games your whole life 

i mean i’ve played scrabble with my family a few times but that’s hardly comparable lol

when i was a little kid and all my friends were playing make believe unicorns or playing with dolls i was all “lol nah” cuz i was older than them and more grown up~ and colored in a coloring book or tried climbing trees alone. before i learned i was scared of heights and got stuck up a tree >_>

so now i’m literally looking up how to rp for n00bs and i think i’m kinda getting it?

it feels like trying to learn how to math in a different language

my comprehension is mud

why is this so harddd

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Im stuck at a fork
Trying to build my bot
Basically everything about her is fire yeah?
But should her temperament be fiery like stereotype
Or chill for irony.
Like the fire gang from labyrinth all
~chilly down with the fire gang

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44% of the audience of Guardians of the Galaxy is female and all the speculation states that women went to see it for Chris Pratt’s body. I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe (and this is crazy) they…

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i just ordered me some stuff to make my own dreads cuz i’m impatient and anal about how i want them to look so now i just have to wait for them to get here and reacquaint myself with some tutorials woot

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Just more Lockbot suits

love these…!

I am drooling on that red one zomggg

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chantelle winnie for Ashish S/S 2015 - London Fashion Week

i am here for this indian designer putting all black and colored models on his runway

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"I really don’t know what ‘I love you’ means. I think it means ‘Don’t leave me here alone.’"

—Neil Gaiman (via kolir)
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i hate it when flies fucking rub their stupid little shitty hands together like they’re plotting to ruin my life those tiny little bastards


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Spg fanmily can I ask for advice
On making a fanbot
I’ve had a couple of ideas for the last few months but I have no one to bounce them off and I’m scared I’ll do something wrong (idk how but I’m still worried)
But yeah
Advice on fanbot creation?

I’m just kinda doing my own thang
Cant be tamed

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party in aisle 15

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